Something caught my eye out the front window: white feathers floating along the deck, moved by the light afternoon breeze. First one, then a handful rolled past, then, a whole lot of white feathers glided by. So pretty. Wait. What?


Instead of receiving gifts from my adult children this Mother50度灰视频檚 Day, I50度灰视频檓 writing them a personal thank-you for letting me be their mother. As if they had a choice.聽


I like the word 50度灰视频渁we.50度灰视频 It50度灰视频檚 a good word. I also like to experience awe.聽 The Cambridge Dictionary defines it as 50度灰视频渁 feeling of great respect sometimes mixed with fear or surprise.50度灰视频 Accurate.


It was his turn to make the tea, but to sweeten the deal, my beloved spouse, the Carpenter, delivered not only a hot cup of black tea, but two tiny white powdered sugar donuts. Is it wrong that my first thought was, 50度灰视频淲hat has he done wrong?50度灰视频


When I was a child, if I was naughty (which only happened twice, I swear), my parents would send me to my room until they deemed my punishment sufficient and granted me permission to rejoin the rest of the family.聽

The bunny

The Easter Bunny lives with us. It turns out he lives in a den beneath the deck that was the former residence of the groundhog, also known as Winston the Whistle Pig, who had zero consideration for my morning meditations on the patio last summer. What a racket.


Thank you, Spring, for taking this meeting with me. Please be seated. I feel like it50度灰视频檚 best to start the season off on equal footing. I50度灰视频檇 like to take this opportunity to discuss our expectations and target outcomes for the next quarter.

Break March

March has come into season like a lamb, nice and easy, which, for all of us afflicted with superstitious sentiments, means it will surely go out like a lion (kind of like the drunk uncle forcibly removed from a family reunion).聽

Full moon

I have a few tell-tale signs of a full moon rising that are based solely on my behaviour, thus, I50度灰视频檇 like to apologize to my beloved Carpenter for the volatile week.


With Valentine50度灰视频檚 Day upon us, I am reminded that I really don50度灰视频檛 enjoy this romantic pseudo-holiday tradition, despite being very much in love with my spouse, the Carpenter.