Something caught my eye out the front window: white feathers floating along the deck, moved by the light afternoon breeze. First one, then a handful rolled past, then, a whole lot of white feathers glided by. So pretty. Wait. What?

Spring growth

Spring brings with it a sense of new life and growth. With this in mind I spoke with Ram Kalap, our chaplain and spiritual care therapist at Homewood.聽

Live and let live

As I sat in the waiting room at my doctor50度灰视频檚 office last week, a man entered who appeared to be intoxicated. Within seconds, he started spouting off to complete strangers about 50度灰视频渢he gays50度灰视频 and how he personally felt slighted that straight people didn50度灰视频檛 have their own 50度灰视频渇lag.50度灰视频


Instead of receiving gifts from my adult children this Mother50度灰视频檚 Day, I50度灰视频檓 writing them a personal thank-you for letting me be their mother. As if they had a choice.聽

Horrible options

The next federal election is scheduled for October of 2025, but based on the current political discourse in Canada, you50度灰视频檇 think it was around the corner.