Erin council doles $20,500 to local groups, boosts next year50度灰视频檚 grants budget

ERIN 50度灰视频 Council here has granted $20,500 to local non-profits and volunteer organizations, and boosted the town50度灰视频檚 long-running grants budget.

Consisting of the town50度灰视频檚 mayor, staff and councillor Jamie Cheyne, the committee reviewed 21 applications for funding in March, including new applicants Erin Pride, Girl Guides of Canada, and Wellington County 4-H.

50度灰视频淎ll worthwhile projects and events,50度灰视频 town treasurer Wendy Parr, who sat on the committee, remarked at an April council meeting.

The total requested by the applicants was $42,650, but the town50度灰视频檚 community grants budget is limited to $20,500.

Council carried the committee50度灰视频檚 recommendation to distribute that amount to 19 recipients, including air cadets, sports organizations, service and gardening clubs, and several others.

50度灰视频淚 would like to include a 50度灰视频榯hank you50度灰视频 for our volunteers who make a real difference to the lives of people, animals and organizations,50度灰视频 Parr said.

Mayor Michael Dehn congratulated grant recipients.

Grants budget to increase

Last month, council also supported a small increase to the town50度灰视频檚 grant budget, to $30,000 from $20,500, starting in 2025.

The move was spurred by councillor Jamie Cheyne, who asked staff to report back on the feasibility of an increase. It had been years since the budget was set, Cheyne said.

The town50度灰视频檚 grant policy last saw revisions in 2013, 2015, 2018 and 2021.

50度灰视频淎s we grow as a community, I think this budget needs to increase,50度灰视频 Cheyne said, calling for a regular review of the amount budgeted.

50度灰视频淲e had $42,650 in applications this time around, and only $20,[500] to satisfy them, so moving this up to $30,000 in my mind is a no-brainer,50度灰视频 said councillor John Brennan.

Councillor Cathy Aylard said Cheyne had her 50度灰视频渢otal support.50度灰视频

The increase was formally approved at an April 25 council meeting, along with a community grants policy revamp presented by Parr.

50度灰视频淔inance took this opportunity to review, revamp, improve, clarify and update guidelines,50度灰视频 Parr told council.

The treasurer said the policy has been expanded and includes a requirement of applicants to report back to the town on how the grant dollars were spent.

The maximum a single applicant is eligible to receive in a single year remains set at $3,000, and eligibility criteria is unchanged.