County council to consider $3.26 million in roof work for housing buildings in Guelph

GUELPH 50ȻƵ Wellington County50ȻƵs social services committee is supporting a recommendation to county council to award three roofing contracts to Ottawa-based T.P. Crawford Limited for a total of $2.82 million (before tax).

The projects include county-owned housing buildings at two Waterloo Avenue addresses and a Marlborough Road address in Guelph.

At 387 Waterloo Avenue, 24,098 square feet of roofing and 2,000 square feet of shingled balcony overhangs are to be replaced, among other wall panelling and siding work.

At 411 Waterloo Avenue, 15,037 square feet of roof is to be replaced.

At 33 Marlborough Road, 17,918 square feet of roof is to be replaced, among other wall-related work.

50ȻƵ[All] new roof systems will incorporate a low-odour, low [volatile organic compound], cold-applied roof system that eliminates fire hazards,50ȻƵ a committee report states.

The total cost of all three projects, including the construction contracts, tax, engineering fees and built-in contingencies, works out to $3.26 million.

Most of the cash (71.5%) to pay for the work comes from tax dollars Guelph pays to the county, the administrator of social services for the city and county.

The county50ȻƵs housing capital reserve will be used to fund 14.5% of the cost, and the remaining 14% comes from a federal affordable housing fund.

Staff recommendations to award the work to T.P. Crawford Limited have yet to go before county council for approval.