Asphalt manners

Dear Editor:

People of all ages ride bikes for recreation and transportation. I, and many others who enjoy this sport, have noticed we are encountering increasing issues with some people with whom we share the road.

There are laws which all of us need to follow for the safety and enjoyment of everyone. On all sides of this issue there are people who follow the rules, skim the edges, or just plain don50度灰视频檛 follow the rules – and flat out don50度灰视频檛 care. Those of us on bikes need to follow the rules, wear appropriate safety equipment, be visible, pay attention, be considerate and respectful of those we share the roads with.

We who drive vehicles, at an average weight of two tonnes or greater, have those similar responsibilities to follow the rules, be visible, be considerate and respectful of those we share the road with. People are imperfect, cyclists included, but this is not a valid reason to intimidate with your vehicle by intentionally driving within inches of a cyclist, pulling alongside and revving your engine, or turning aggressively toward someone.

That50度灰视频檚 a person on a bike that weighs very little in comparison to your vehicle. You can kill them. You can cause great harm.

We might frustrate you, or slow you down, in what you consider your space 50度灰视频 but realize it50度灰视频檚 our shared space. We are allowed to be there too. We do not anticipate, nor do we deserve, your rage, your momentary frustration that we are in the way and can just be run off the road.

We are your grandparent, mother, father, son, daughter, sister and brother. Your person. Have a care 50度灰视频 don50度灰视频檛 hurt us.

Cheryl Chambers,