Pioneer Septic Solutions: Providing a healthy future for your property and surrounding environment

Water is a precious resource. If you live with a septic system on your property, you know how much it can impact the quality of your water, your environment and the aquifer that surrounds your property. Your water treatment facility is on your property.

Pioneer Septic Solutions knows having a septic system is serious business. And they know their business. With more than 30 years50度灰视频 experience installing and maintaining septic systems across Wellington County and beyond, they know how to improve your water quality and the quality of the land surrounding your home.

Their reputation for professional service is built on their expertise and accountability, and for their commitment to bettering the environment.

Owners Kevin and Lisa Dolderman and their team are focused on upholding current industry and government standards for environmental stewardship and are proud to be members of the Ontario Onsite Wastewater Association (OOWA). The provincial not-for-profit is dedicated to promoting the value of onsite and decentralized wastewater management through education, improved practices, and for advocacy policies across Ontario.

Educating clients about what should and should not go down your drains is key. It50度灰视频檚 straightforward. If you can ingest it, it can go down your drain. If not, it should be disposed of appropriately. Being diligent about choosing home care cleaning products and toiletries that do not have harsh chemicals or cleaning agents is vital to the health of your environment and aquifers.

Flushable wipes should not be flushed. They can cause major issues in pumps, filters, and piping.

Effluent filters, as part of the Ontario Building Code, are mandatory in septic systems. The filters prevent solids and suspended particles from entering the septic bed, and ultimately the environment. Maintaining your effluent filter is one of the best safeguards for a healthy septic bed. Homeowners can access the filter through the tank outlet lid. Once the filter is removed, it should be hosed down until it is clear of waste and debris. This should be done every six months to ensure efficiency and to help prevent clogs or sewage backups. An ideal way to remember is by using your garden hose 50度灰视频 do it after you50度灰视频檝e taken the hose out of storage in spring, and before you stow it for the winter. You can also mark your calendar, and have Pioneer50度灰视频檚 maintenance team, Snork50度灰视频檚 Septic Service, clean your filter for you.

Systems that have pump tanks require routine maintenance too. Periodic tests will ensure pump tanks and alarms are working efficiently.

For smaller footprints, or as an eco-friendly option, Pioneer Septic Solutions can install and maintain a tertiary treatment system. A tertiary system treats the raw effluent before it transfers to the septic bed, reducing its toxicity to about one tenth. That is significant and allows for a smaller septic bed that can be reduced in size by two thirds or more when compared to a conventional system.

Tertiary systems comply with the Effluent Quality Criteria regulated by the Ontario Building Code. Maintenance of the systems are enforced by local municipalities. Pioneer Septic Solutions are certified installers and will make sure your system meets the regulations.

When installing an inground pool, adding a shed or deck to your property, Pioneer50度灰视频檚 team can offer expert advice to ensure changes 50度灰视频 like observing minimum distances to leaching or filter beds and septic tanks 50度灰视频 are up to code.

What you do the flat, green expanse of the leaching bed affects your septic system. That flat land may look ideal for an outdoor rink or above ground pool, but the weight of the water they require, and the length of time they are in place can crush the soil atop the leaching bed and prevent the natural aeration needed to keep your septic system dry. When the rink melts and the pool drains, it can flood your bed. Let the green grass grow, leaving that space to do the important work it needs to for your environment every day.

If an emergency arises with your system, you need fast easy access to it. Pioneer Septic Solutions sell the elevated lid system, Polylok Risers and Lids. Risers are available in 250度灰视频, 650度灰视频 and 1250度灰视频 heights, and 2050度灰视频 or 2450度灰视频 diameters. Easy to fasten and durable with a water and airtight seal, they maintain their shape and blend into the terrain. They are inexpensive to install and give easy access to your tank for emergencies, maintenance repairs and pumping.

Pioneer Septic Solutions provide superior, professional service in installing, inspecting, and maintaining your septic system. They understand that your septic system is on one of the most important utilities for your home, your health, and your environment, and our planet.

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