Trust broken

Residents south of Morriston along the Highway 6 corridor had their trust in government agencies broken last week.

The issue involves a stinky water anomaly that came on strong months back. Residents were unable to bathe let alone drink water from their wells, and now some details have emerged.

The Township of Puslinch50度灰视频檚 water specialist, contracted to delve into the issue, believes the cause is not natural, but rather the result of a spill up the road months earlier. Harden Environmental Services issued the report to residents last week.

Obviously, the people affected are very concerned and annoyed.

Rural property owners are almost always left on their own to maintain their wells (and septic beds). Folks on municipal services typically can have great confidence in the water provided to their homes being potable and healthy. Unless rural wells get tested regularly or dwellers happen to notice a change in their supply, environmental issues like the one currently underway can go undetected.

If there is a positive in this situation, it is that the township helped residents by getting their specialist to prepare a report. Armed with that, leverage can be placed on the Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Transportation to do what should have been done in the first place, rather than appearing to dismiss the problem out of hand.

The trust with which citizens see government agencies has been marred and that is unfortunate.

One would hope matters as serious as water and the environment would see those agencies going above and beyond to ensure safety.

Vapes, smokes and health

Over a dozen years ago while trolling the aisles of the Canton Trade Fair, our group came across something new: an electronic cigarette. It looked like something out of an old movie 50度灰视频 a slim fairly long black handle made of plastic, a fake looking cigarette stuck on that, with a little light on the end to resemble a flame. One big drag produced a vapour-like steam. It was really dumb 50度灰视频 in our opinion.

Since then, the vape market has exploded here. Flavoured mixes with enhancements seem to be the rage. And despite the war on tobacco and prices escalated to turn people off the habit, vape use is on the rise. Caught within this sphere are impressionable young people.

Stuck as we have been personally with this seriously bad habit, it would be hypocritical in the extreme to denounce choices others make. But, by golly, it is a past time best avoided.

Efforts by the Ministry of Education to tame this problem are welcome in our books. By their nature a vape is far less intrusive than second-hand smoke, allowing users to take a haul in school bathrooms and other locations out of sight of security cameras. It goes relatively undetected, but it is there and needs to stop.

As has become customary, the prospect of 50度灰视频渞ights50度灰视频 has come to the fore with young people talking about their rights to make choices. We understand that, but also know how difficult nicotine addiction is. Some escape it, but not all.

Similarly, moves to limit cell phone use at school are welcome and long past due. This ministry directive will give teachers and school boards the authority and rules needed to eliminate or curb use during inappropriate times. We strongly encourage parents to support this initiative and help students understand their attention is far better spent on class lessons, than distractions found online.

Let50度灰视频檚 give kids the best chances for learning and long-term health.